The Nautical Club Baja, A.C. born almost 9 years ago by the enthusiasm of a group of people who love the sea and nautical activities. Mexico, a country of exceptional geographical situation and with almost 10,000 kilometers of coastline washed by 2 oceans and several seas. Our climate is benign in general, the beauty of our coasts, beaches, islands and bays makes every year millions of foreigners visit us who are amazed and come back frequently. Ensenada is home to 2 important international regattas: The Newport-Ensenada and the San Diego-Ensenada, we receive daily tourist cruises, fishing is an important activity and the best school of Oceanology is based here.

For those who have already been captivated by the sea, waves, sunsets, fauna and flora, living, enjoying, spending as much time as possible in our waters and our coastline, becomes a reason for life.

To practice water sports, we must respect, conserve and know the sea.

Sailing is an ancestral activity, which by its very nature is ecologically respectful of the environment, and also puts people in close contact with nature and its forces and manifestations.


Sailing, is an exhibition sport, as a whole, beautiful and subtle, and that at the same time tenses and stimulates discipline. It is an ideal way to stimulate and educate our youth. Indispensable is first, have boats and then the facilities to maintain and store them. This has been, perhaps one of the reasons for the scarce development of this discipline in our homeland. Since its foundation, the CNB has had the goal of building its own marina, with a clubhouse for members and their friends, and with a classroom and workshops to teach young people and increase our favorite sport. It is expensive, complex and indisputably a titanic task, but we believe that it is possible especially if the will of the authorities, the tourism sector and the athletes themselves are combined. The benefits will be as great as the effort made: encouragement of high-level tourism, care and preservation of our environment, training of our youth with ethical principles and healthy competition and encouragement of the development of other economic fields, such as repair shops, marine , hotels, restaurants, commerce in general.






Annual events



We are a Club with 21 years of history

Board of directors

Bodo Weber

The Commodore of our association with extensive experience in sailing

Victoria Ramos

Vice Comodore
Vice Commodore of the Club, Victoria started in the sport of sailing in 2011, since then she has participated in regattas and walks of the CNB. And is willing to help and support anyone who is interested in learning about the sport of sailing


Emmanuel, a member since 2018 as a student of the sailing classes of the CNB, now Captain of his own sailboat, and always willing to help and continue learning.

Erik Araiza

Erik, besides being a great navigator and friend, is now in charge of carrying the CNB's finances

Marianne Moreno

She joins the CNB in ​​a Todos Santos regatta and from that moment she becomes interested in the sport of sailing. From October 2018 to date, she attends sailing classes which has led her to participate in national and international regattas.


Eventos Sociales
Gisell is a member of the CNB for several years, always ready to help, now she is in charge of organizing social events